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Living Light 

We are not alone.

Light is Alive!
It's a "new" life form we know little about.

Live Recorded Crop Circle Formation From

Orbs Of Light

Orbs Sendai Japan Tsunami

UFO (Orb?) Disables

US Missile

Nuclear Missiles Disarmed  by UFOs (Orbs?)

Orbs Sendai Japan Tsunami

Fast Moving Orb

at  End of Video

Light Beings at 

Five Volcanos

Orbs Shooting at Chemtrails

Amazing Orb Footage at Disasters and Other Sightings

These Are Examples of the Various Forms Living Light takes.


50 minute video

4.34 minute video

1:21 minute video

1:54 minute video

5:15 minute video

1:41 minute video

2:38 minute video

1:40 minute video

4.25 minute video

Amazing photographic evidence of a global ancient civilization, UFOs and Orbs among us.

This groundbreaking book contains evidence of a new form of life. Light that is alive. Living Light is REAL and is presented here photographically and scientifically. Are these Light Beings orbs, angels, UFOs, plasma life forms, nonsense or consciousness expressing? Look and read for decide.


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